About Dominick M Maino

Dominick easily brings his profession into the act of photographic creation.

As a Professor Emeritus at the Illinois College of Optometry/Illinois Eye Institute

and an attending doctor at Lyons Family Eye Care in Lake View, he is aware of

the importance of single, clear, comfortable, two-eyed vision.

As a tenor and musician, he understands the interplay of melody, harmony and

even dissonance within a work written for a chorus, an orchestra, opera and

even within a photographic image.

Each of these concepts is applied to his photography. Whether he is creating an image of a single subject, Christ on His Cross, a wrestler ready to pounce or an intriguing image of Las Vegas.

Dominick’s art speaks to his clarity of vision; his understanding of the universal rhythm that surrounds us all; his ability to process visual information into an artful expression and his enthusiastic outlook upon the world.

His event photography skills have been used at the Irish American Heritage Center, Six Corners Association County Fair and BBQ Fest, Chicago Fringe Festival, the Filament Theatre, Illinois College of Optometry, St. Bartholomew Parish, College of Optometrists in Vision Development, various political events, Small Business Saturday and other community events.

Dominick’s solo and group exhibitions as a featured artist have taken place at the Nine2Five Gallery in Kansas City, Gallery ABBA (Beloit, Wi), the Addison Rotunda, Cook County Treasurer’s Office, and at Casa Italia in Stone Park. His local showings include Fannie’s Café, City News Café, St. Bartholomew Church and Finom Café.

His images have appeared in the Kansas City Voices (a juried art journal), The Archdiocese of Chicago: A Journey of Faith (uncredited), and the covers of the Catholic New World, Optometric Education and Optometry & Vision Development.

Contact info: Dominick M Maino   dmaino@ico.edu

Dominick is the art curator for Fannie's Cafe. If you would like to display your art at this establishment, please contact him at artcurator@FanniesCafe.com

Dominick M Maino